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The weather outside has been frightful, so it was time for some ramen. My food bestie and I went over to Daikaya, which is still a fairly new spot for ramen in the District. There’s not a ton of options for ramen in the District, so it was really exciting when Daikaya opened and at a metro accessible location as well. We originally were going to try out Sakuramen in Adams Morgan, but with the storm coming in, neither of us wanted to be caught in the snow.

In addition to their ground level ramen joint, Daikaya also has an Izakaya on the second floor. I haven’t tried it out yet, so that’s a different post on a different day. The menu is pretty mouth-watering though.

We’ve been to Daikaya once before, so we knew what to expect and pretty much knew what to order before even getting there. Here’s my bowl:

2014-02-12 17.43

I got the Shio Ramen with Nitamago (soy & ramen broth marinated soft boiled egg) and extra noodles. The standard non-vegetarian bowl is topped with chasu, bean sprouts, onions, garlic, ground pork, nori and scallions. I don’t particularly like bean sprouts, they’re just a bit meh to me taste-wise. However, Daikaya cooks their sprouts until a bit charred which adds a nice element to the overall flavor.

There’s two things that define a good bowl of ramen for me: broth and noodles. The broth is what lends all the flavor in a bowl of ramen. Toppings adds some texture and a layer of flavor, but the broth makes or brakes a bowl of ramen to me. I love a broth that is murky with all the different layers of ingredients used and a little in your face. Subtle or bland borth makes me sad. As for noodles, I prefer the thick, curly kind with a tiny bit of chewiness to it. I’ve had the thin and straight kind and it’s just not as satisfying for me.

Daikaya delivers both these elements for me. I love the sweet undertone in the broth and the noodles are perfect. I think I’ll always order extra noodles there from now on. No regrets.

I also will always need an egg in my ramen. Always.

So, while the weather continues to hover around the freezing point, go thaw out with a bowl of ramen.

705 6th St. NW
Washington, DC 2001