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From DramaWiki

Among the things that strike my fancy are Korean Dramas, Korean Pop and Korean food. I’m sure I’ll post about those other things at one point or another. Since this is my first post on a KDrama, here’s a blanket disclaimer: I’m not Korean, I don’t speak Korean, I’m not an expert in everything Korean and all opinions are mine. I’m also going to assume that you and KDramas are besties, so I’m not going to do too much explaining on stuff. My go-to resource for all things KDrama is Dramabeans. They have a pretty comprehensive glossary section and also links to other sites to help you study up on the KDramas. You’re welcome to also ask me questions in the comments.

Also, there will always be spoilers. At your own risk, folks!

I’m forever behind on my KDrama viewing. Not enough time in a day, too much other things to watch and do, and this thing called a job getting in the way. Hence just now finishing Spotlight (스포트라이트) from 2008.

Here is DramaWiki’s synopsis: Oh Tae Suk is the supervisor for the society news division and he is someone who never gives up until the truth is told even at the expense of exposing his father, a Member of Parliament. His belief is shared by Seo Woo Jin, his subordinate junior reporter. Together, they go to great length to expose society’s injustice and the corrupted relationship between the government and big corporations.

So, not my favorite. I liked the second half of the show better than the first, maybe this is a reflection of the writer change midway? There was a better story arc in the second half that would have made the whole drama make more sense if it had started from the beginning. Instead, we get to see Seo Woo Jin go through some unrelated things without too much purpose until it hits the big arc of government corruption etc. The beginning showed more of Woo Jin’s personal growth as a reporter, which feels really disconnected to the second half when it was more about the news team taking care of business. I think a story like this would have benefited more with incorporating the team more instead of focusing on one or two people. In the end, even her ‘rivalry’ with Jo Yoon Hee had no bite to it.

It could have been a really really good drama. With some plot shuffling and better utilization of the rest of the cast, we could have had something here.

I still adore Son Ye Jin though. That lady has range. I’m still on the fence about Ji Jin Hee. I don’t think he’s super fantastic, but he’s not awful either. Though the best thing about this drama is his hair. So big! So mane-like! I heart it.