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MandyPattiPosterOne of the things I love the most in this world is live theatre. Truth be told, it’s probably my first love. I did OK in school but I didn’t really excel in anything. I had some ideas about what I wanted to do with my life, but nothing definite. Until I was introduced to theatre. I fell hard and never looked back.

To those who love the theatre, Patti Lupon and Mandy Patinkin are legends. Being able to see them perform live is pretty amazing and close to a dream come true. I was very lucky that one of the very limited stops of this show was at the Kennedy Center, so Ms. G, Food Bestie and I hopped and skipped over to see them.

You would think that such established performers could just do a little cabaret style talk and sing and get away with it, and honestly I don’t think anyone would have minded that one bit. To our delight we got so much more. The first act was a very tightly staged show with seamlessly weaved songs from Company, South Pacific, Showboat among others. There were also songs from shows I’ve never heard of before such as Neptune’s Daughter and Rainbow, though the gentleman behind us seemed to know all the songs judging from him singing along throughout. They seamlessly slipped into all the different characters while going from song to song. There even was a mini scene comprised of songs from South Pacific. Plus they had some delightful choreography and some inventive use of rolling office chairs.

Act two brought a more personal side. They addressed the audience and told the story of their friendship, and as most people know, it all started with Evita. I can’t describe how I felt when they sang “Oh What a Circus” and “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”. I know that thousands of people have witnessed this, but I still felt in awe that I’m among them.  They continued with selections from Gypsy, Merrily We Roll Along, Little Shop of Horrors and ended with another mini scene from Carousel. You can bet there were some tears in the audience when they closed with “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

My only complaint is that it didn’t seem long enough. I could have sat there for another couple of hours basking in their talent. If you’re ever anywhere near a performance city, don’t hesitate, save your pennies and go. It will be worth it.