Soooo, after a three year absence, I finally got my physical done. I pretty much knew what the result would be and really my not getting it done for three years is more avoidance than anything. It boils down to two things: I need to lose weight and my cholesterol is astronomical. This is not new information. It’s the same information I had three years ago when I last had my physical, and I didn’t really do a lifestyle change then. So yeah…

My doctor suggested I join either Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig to get started since those programs has been proven to be successful. I’m not putting fake food in me thank you very much, so Weight Watchers it is. Really, I don’t mind the smaller portions of food, the higher intake of veggies and fruits and the counting. But coupled with high cholesterol, for a minute or more like a week, my brain was stuck at YOU CAN ONLY EAT LETTUCE!!! My doctor also wanted me to go on an all vegetable diet. Well, that was never going to happen. I just never feel like I have enough protein when only eating vegetables. Yes, yes, tofu, beans, blah. I still need a piece of chicken to help me out. What about eggs you say? That high cholesterol thingie doesn’t like too many eggs, so that’s out. Anyway, I was stuck trying to figure out what to eat and just felt really overwhelmed by trying to incorporate everything at once.

I’m still figuring it out, but now I have a plan. What’s great about Weight Watchers is that you can eat whatever you want, you just need to be careful how much and make better choices with ingredients. I really needed this structure to learn how much food to eat and just figure out what I’m putting in my body, since I have to log everything I eat. So, step one is to cook like I always have, make sure I’m eating the right amount and just making better choices. Once I’m more comfortable with the process the next step would be to make better choices on the cholesterol front. Honestly, I know that I should be eating just lettuce in regards to my cholesterol. However, I also still want to enjoy food which is a big part in enjoying life to me. Yes, I’ll be more aware and make better choices, but every now and then I will eat a piece of scallop wrapped in bacon. And please, like I could ever give up eggs.

In case you’re wondering, I’m also brisk walking 20-30 minutes every day. I have zero discipline and hate the gym, so I brisk walk to and from work and just go one metro stop further. So far so good.

Though dinner these days often look like the picture above (which is still delicious,) it won’t prevent me from eating out or enjoying all the things I’ve always enjoyed. Moderation is the keyword.