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Happy New Year!

I still can’t believe it’s 2015 already, proven by how many times I’m still writing 2014 on my checks and file naming. Most of all I can’t believe that the holidays are over. I feel like all year I’m thinking that the holidays will never come and then switch to omg it’s almost here there’s so much to do, and then when it’s here it goes so fast and suddenly the new year has arrived. Sigh.

Considering I had to do some hardcore work for a couple of days during my vacation, I still had a pretty awesome one. It’s always a great joy to spend time with my brother, my sister-in-law and nieces. This time it was especially fun because there’s a new Pamudji baby and she is super adorable. The older girls are just getting more and more fun to play with as well. I just can’t get enough of them.

As in any Pamudji gathering, it was also delicious. I don’t know how my sister-in-law does it, but she makes a really awesome spread for Christmas dinner every year all by herself. I think this year all I did was poke some cherry tomatoes with a toothpick to get them ready for roasting. Wonder woman that one!

2014-12-24 19.21.12

Christmas dinner. The foil is covering the ham.


My bro is, like many a man out there, very handy on the grill. I basically don’t eat steak anywhere else but at his house because it’s so good. Our new year’s dinner was steak and the best potato salad in the world courtesy of my sister-in-law. One of my favorite meals ever.

2014-12-31 18.52.00

A visit to Jackson is never complete without some sushi from Edo. I tell ya, one thing that DC is still lacking is amazing sushi. There is sushi, but anything that quantifies as good is also very expensive. Not that Edo is super cheap, but it doesn’t break the bank either.

2014-12-30 14.18.11

When I wasn’t playing legos with the girls or cuddling the baby and persuading her to say Kuku Susie as her first words, we played games. Lots of games. I counted 12 new games that I played over there. So much fun! I really dig the new generation of board games and card games out there. Ticket to Ride is still my favorite and I can’t get enough of Sushi Go. I’m going to have to purchase some for my own house. Ms. G and I used to have regular game nights years ago. We’ll need to revive them for sure.

2014-12-27 10.48.24

A small sample of the games.

We rang in the new year playing Hanabi, which fittingly is all about making a firework display out of the cards. It was really hard and took like two hours but it was really fun too.

2015-01-01 01.39.51

Back to the new year. Sorry for the lack of posts in general. Work ramped up after Paris and I was down with the flu and then relapsed a couple of weeks after. I’m completely off my diet game and during cold months all I want to do is hibernate hence no posts. I have ate some things since getting back home from vacation, so I’ll do a roundup post soon. I’m also trying to get back in the cooking game hence the challenge.

I’ve pretty much given up on resolutions. I break them after about a minute into the new year, so what’s the point. Instead, I’m challenging myself to do something about the gazillion (86) cookbooks we own, plus the numerous recipes I printed out back in the day, plus all the Bon Appétit magazines I own. The challenge is to cook one thing from each book at least once by the end of the year. If I don’t cook from a particular book, away it goes. There. It’s out there on the internet, so I have to stick with it. We’ll see how it goes and I’ll post each time I cook something. See what I did there? This also will encourage more regular posting. I hope! Wish me luck.

Happy new year again and good luck with your own resolutions/challenges.